How did all this start?

From Ruben Frankenstein (7/16/2004):
How did the whole thing come into life? It must be about 45 years now that Hanns Guenther Reissner, the author of "Familie auf Wanderschaft" (Berlin 1938) and of this manuscript "A Generations Spiral" edited by Claude in memory of his father, started a correspondence first with my father, then with me arousing my interest in genealogy. Many years after his death, about 10 years ago I came in contact first with Chris Bjarnson (Oregon), and then with David Lewin (London) and we changed letters and information. Both came later to visit me in Freiburg. Some years ago we met Hans Georg in Berlin.

The internet of course improved the posibilities of contact and communication and one of my queries (10 years old!) must have intrigued Gabriel last year to answer and later came Dorette as well, both becoming very active to initiate our first reunion meeting.
From Gabriel Taube on (3/25/2004):
For sure you will remember that the beginning of this story was due to a letter which I have received from Andreas Peter, asking for permission to publish a poem from my mother. Then, I got in touch with Dorette, after A. Peter gave me her e-mail address. Then, Dear Ruben, I found your e-mail in Internet from last century (1994).