This poem was written by Dorette De Lobisch, nee Reissner, mother of Gabriel Taube.

Google translation to English:

Little song to Guben, the
three-part city
Just like once I see you in front of
me, completely undamaged!
And just like then, I feel
the air that bewitches us.

I know there is no way back
from today to yesterday...
You are the three-part
city - what's the point?

Some have to be Polish, others
Russian-German, the
third part lives elsewhere, in
you - only live my heart!

But the Neisse still flows through
you, you green valley,
and the nightingale sings her
song with a sweet sound.

And everything is strange to me
here, country, people, language,
time, and seas separate you and
me and your picture is also far
away: I see my Guben in every
blossoming tree, you only you!

Dorette De Lobisch, née Reissner