Reichenbach Cemetery, Guben, Germany 2004. See MapCarta - Jüdische Friedhof, Guben


Rashi sculpture - Worms, 2005

This greater Reissner family traces its ancestry back to Rabbi Mordechai Moses (1760-1824) of Neustadt bei Pinne, Prussia (now Poland).  Many of the family are descendants of Mann Marcus Reissner (1810-1884, grandson of Rabbi Mordechai) of Neustadt bei Pinne and Guben / Gubin (now Germany and Poland). Family ancestral tradition includes the great medieval scholar Rabbi Shlomo Itzhaki - Rashi.

The family has held meetings at various locations around the world, including Guben, Worms, and Jerusalem.

We have an active email list -- the Google Group Reissner (login required).  If you are (or might be) a member of our family, you can ask to join the email list by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are updating the older web site (view old site here).  Over time, we will migrate much of the old material to the new area. We solicit historical and genealogical material for this web site.  There is a "private" area for family use that requires you to log in before use.  This is to protect more sensitive information from appearing in Internet search engines and other places.  Please contact the webmaster (above) for login details. or any questions.


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